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Thanks for visiting the CFA wiki @ designation.wiki. This wiki was created with the online CFA candidates and charterholders communities in mind, as many users from various websites have requested a wiki. Considering most candidates are too busy studying, and many who earn the charter move on to progressing in their career, a demand was created with no actual product to satisfy it. This wiki uses the same back-end as wikipedia, so it is user-friendly and familiar to the masses. I took the initiative to help create a foundation so candidates from across the world can come together and learn, and contribute together as it's fragmented across the internet.
Also, as a CFA charterholder myself, I wanted somewhere online where I could easily reference CFA material, as opposed to Investopedia, or even Wikipedia which has more general finance terms which at times conflict with the CFAI's material.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the wiki and if you like what you see, please contribute!
Founder, designation.wiki
Lead moderator r/CFA